CD / Audio

CD Mastering, Duplication and Replication Austin, TexasCompact Discs (CD) are the accepted standard for distributions of computer based video, audio and data.  TPEX offers CD mastering, duplication and replication services.  TPEX charges $24.95 for basic CD mastering when provided all final files, properly named, with a designated order, and disc name.  TPEX charges $74.95 for interactive CD mastering, which includes up to two menus, hyperlinks, audio, video, and data.  Additional charges will apply for more than two menus.  TPEX charges $75.00 per hour for audio CD mastering from Digital Audio Tape (DAT), Audio Cassette, and Reel to Reel (15 IPS, 7.5 IPS, and 3.75 IPS).  Consumer Split Track Reel to Reel tapes require additional time for track isolation and speed conversion.

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